Henry Hazlitt Foundation and Free-Market.Net Archive

The Henry Hazlitt Foundation was created in 1997 by Chris Whitten, who had been publishing a libertarian portal called since 1995. The foundation's name honored the great free-market economist Henry Hazlitt who brought the ideas of freedom to millions of people through his writings in newspapers and popular books, and through networking libertarian thinkers together.

In 1997 became Free-Market.Net: The Freedom Network. For more than five years, Free-Market.Net made the ideas of liberty more accessible and networked the international freedom movement. The Henry Hazlitt Foundation also created other Internet-based tools for spreading libertarian ideas and networking libertarian activists, including and Bureaucrash.

In December 2002, the Henry Hazlitt Foundation went out of business. Free-Market.Net became part of ISIL, the International Society for Individual Liberty. In December 2004, ISIL integrated certain services of FMN into Some of FMN's content that could not be integrated is archived here. These archives are for informational purposes only.

Note: As of December 2009 these archives are temporarily offline.